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You work hard at managing your business but maybe you just need someone who's been there and done that to give it a little extra kick. Or maybe you already have some awesome ideas and don't have the time or get them to market. I can help you get it done!

  • Discover how to increase your market share
  • Plan a Sales Campaign that actually sells more
  • Improve your brand message so customers find you
  • Turn your website into the online storefront that increases sales
  • Learn how to help your team engage in your sales goals
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StoryBrand Marketing


You feel frustrated spending on marketing that isn't bringing you new customers. All you really want is to turn your website and store front into the money-making machine you've been dreaming of. Let's make it happen.

  • Messaging Framework: Look, you're creative and ambitious, but without a strong framework to create a consistent message customers will just hear noise. When I'm done you’ll get excited to see how simple it will be to tell your story.

  • Website Messaging: Your website is about to change from a piece of art you can hang on the wall to a revenue generator. I’ll write all the copy for your Home page, About and Services page so that customers understand what problem you solve.

  • Brand Messaging Guide: I’ll take your Messaging Framework and create a messaging guide you can use to keep your marketing consistent. 
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Maybe communicating with your ideal customer with a plan that works isn't your specialty. Don't worry, you can still launch you business into orbit.

To Launch Your Business your get the 3 deliverables to Upgrade Your Business plus 3 more:

  • Create More Leads: Nobody likes a pushy salesperson. It’s important to give a  potential customer have a low-risk way to continue their engagement with your brand. I’ll create a lead generator to capture their emails.

  • Nurture Email Campaign: Once you capture an email address, you need the right automated email sequence that will nurture your customers' needs to earn trust over time. I'll create a series that solves their problem.

  • Sales Email Campaign: Finally, the sales campaign will focus on closing the deal. Creating an email sales campaign is your opportunity to share how your service is going to help solve your customers’ problem and ask them to buy it.
Successful Marketing Plan
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The Works

Let's work together to get the right message to sell your products.

  • 12 - Month Marketing Strategy & Support
  • Interior Web Page Copy (4 Pages)
  • Email Sales Sequence (5 Emails)
  • Lead Generating PDF
  • StoryBrand Marketing BrandScript

Beginning at $12,497

Successful Marketing Plan
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Three easy steps for success...

1. Schedule a call.

Select a time that works for a FREE 30 minute consultation. This will help me get started with a plan that wins for you.

2. Get a plan for success.

I'll put a customized plan for together that meets your business needs, budget, and next steps for success.

3.  Watch your business grow.

With your plan in place, you'll know marketing is finally working to grow your business.


Why should you start with a Solid Ground Marketing strategy?

Most marketing consultants mean well, but they usually end up costing you money without a return. Or, they start a project for you and expect you to get it all done on your own. Often, they jump to the conclusion of a website change without creating a message that customers can actually relate to.  

The difference in a Solid Ground Marketing strategy is that I know how to create a strategy based on your customer first so that they know you are the expert in your business.

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Your business is too important to not spend 30-minutes to start putting your marketing to work.

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